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Roku vs. Amazon Fire TV

If you are like me and have recently purchased a Roku streaming device, you probably wonder which device is better, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Roku has been expanding its size and scope recently to include content in places where the Amazon Fire TV cannot go, like Netflix and HBO Go, as well as with adding TV channels like SelecTV Now, Hulu, and YouTube TV. On the other hand, Amazon is offering Amazon Prime for free for a year when you buy a Fire TV, and it has been adding some content like HBO Go.

Roku and Amazon Fire TV are among the biggest and most talked-about streaming TV services of 2018. The two streaming boxes offer a wide array of features and content, and the competition is heating up as they both vie to be the best option for cord-cutters and cord-never looking for a good streaming TV experience. In this post, we’ll compare both devices to help you decide which is right for you. No matter which device you pick, the most important part of this is your internet connection. You need to make sure that it can handle what you want to stream, so if it is not up to scratch, then you may want to check out some frontier internet plans or other internet packages that can provide you with the connection you need for when you need it.

Additionally, you might want to look into possible options for VPN. Wondering why? VPN can help you to access certain geo-restricted content. For instance, horror movies like Sadako v Kayako (more of this kind of a film can be found by searching for horror movies starting with S on the Internet) could be blocked on the American continent. Does this mean that you would never be able to watch the movie? Of course not! You need only a VPN to stream it!

Keep in mind that many OTT platforms and websites that have movie streaming facilities tend to have geo-blocked content which might be unlocked using the best streaming vpn available in the market! So, it would be prudent of you to understand what you need, and invest in technology accordingly.

As the battle continues between Roku and Amazon Fire TV, another question looms: which is better? The Roku Ultra and the Fire TV stick both offer access to more than 4,000 channels, but which is the better streaming device?

So how do you choose between Roku and Fire TV? To start, realize they have more similarities than differences.

  • Both Amazon and Roku offer inexpensive streaming players that support a lot of content and are compatible with many streaming apps.
  • Both can access thousands of major television apps with some similarities and differences. For example, Roku apps can be streamed to either a TV or a Roku box. Fire TV apps do not allow this. Amazon Fire TV has voice search built in, which is unavailable for Roku.
  • The Roku players and Amazon Fire TV now come with voice control built into the remotes. While it’s nice to have a voice-controlled remote, many users will find that the setup and training process takes a long time.

The Roku TV has been around for quite a few years now and is quickly becoming the go-to inexpensive streaming device for casual and hardcore gamers. It’s made by one of the most recognizable names in TV technology and uses a set of software based on the Roku OS. While this interface is great for casual users, the Fire TV OS offers a ton of extra features. We break it all down for you in this detailed comparison.

The Features And Specs:

The Roku TV is a new television streaming device from Roku, which was announced in October. The device is aimed at cable cutters looking for a cheap, feature-rich TV streaming device to replace their cable box. While the Roku doesn’t have a lot of features, the device is cheaper than other streaming devices in the market, and it is being marketed as a “cheap” alternative to the Amazon Fire TV.

Roku has been making streaming devices for more than a year, and over the years, they’ve tried different ways to help people find their favorite channels. In the past, they have used their own search engines to find what you want, or they have added their own home screen. However, the Roku interface takes a no-frills approach and sticks to a simple grid layout for Roku users to find their favorite content.

Roku’s interface is indeed very easy to navigate, requiring just the knowledge of the remote’s number buttons. However, for added convenience, Roku offers the option to sync the remote with your Roku player or set it up to operate on a specific wireless network. This means it can be used with traditional as well as universal remotes that are compatible with the Roku platform. Additionally, for those who prefer alternative options, Roku provides a remote app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones, allowing users to access the interface seamlessly without the need for a physical remote.

Whenever you log into your Amazon account, you’re presented with a dashboard of personalized recommendations based on a variety of factors, including what movies and TV shows you’ve watched and what you’ve purchased. These recommendations can be a little overwhelming at first, so here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect.

Overall while its first impressions were a bit rough on the eyes, the recently released, new Roku TVs are the best of both worlds. The Roku TVs offer a wealth of apps (music, movies, games, etc.) that are more expansive than the Amazon Fire TVs and come with a simple, customizable interface that makes it simple to find what you want to watch.