The Norton-Setup is a blog created by Trevor Norton in hopes to share his tech wisdom with people on the internet. Trevor is a computer security specialist from New York and has spent the past 25 years learning more about technology and how to make it safer for people to use, he lives with his wife and three teenage daughters just outside of the city and spends a lot of his spare time reading or going for walks with his wife and their two dogs.

The blog content is aimed at all audiences with varying knowledge about technology, where there will be limited jargon and useful information for all tech users. Sometimes these blogs can be written in a very specialized way but The Norton-Setup aims to be different than those blogs and provide information to people with even the basic amount of knowledge.

Also, do you want to know what tech accessories work best with your devices? Then this blog is also perfect for you in that regard, as Trevor also has key information about the latest trends and amazing technological facts that will surely blow you away. In short if you have any questions about technology then coming to The Norton-Setup could be the perfect fit for you.

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