4 Fantastic Audio Gift Ideas from Unusual Brands

4 Fantastic Audio Gift Ideas from Unusual Brands

Gifts need not be limited to electronic gadgets. If you’re looking to make someone happy this holiday season, consider giving them a gift that will not only last for years to come but help them escape their daily routine and connect with the audio world. If you will be sticking to giving an audio type of gift, how about choosing from brands with unusual names?

Weird Name but High-Quality Made Product

One of the biggest problems facing consumers when buying new headphones is that they often have no idea which brands to pick. They may have heard a friend rave about their pair, or they may have a very specific sound they are looking for. If you’re looking for some great holiday gifts for the audio enthusiast in your life, check out this list of great gifts from unusual brands:

  1. Skullcandy Icon Wireless headphones – This holiday season, many people are looking to buy headphones as gifts, but finding a pair that sounds great and comfortable to wear can be a challenge. Skullcandy is one of the leading brands in audio electronics, and its Icon Wireless headphones are an excellent choice if you are looking for a pair that is both stylish and comfortable to wear. Although Skullcandy ranks as one of the top-selling headphone brands in the United States, the company’s name is not one that consumers are familiar with. Much of that has to do with the fact that the brand is not very well-known at all. While Skullcandy might have a decent name, it’s not a brand people associate with high-end audio products.
  2. Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies – Ever wonder why there is so much hype and excitement around a new gadget? Well, there are countless reasons why. When a new product is released, we are instantly drawn to the shiny polished product on display-everyone wants to be the first to own it. Our inner child is also in awe of the new things that we can do with the latest technologies and toys. Technology is evolving at an incredible rate, and so are gadgets. Woo Audio has taken the lead in making a musical instrument that will only be available for a short time-the WA7 Fireflies. These headphones are so versatile that you can use them to listen to music and take calls.
  3. Zu Dirty Weekend speakers – The Dirty Weekend is the brainchild of a group of friends who have been accessories-obsessed all their lives. This year they decided to take their obsession a step further and create an accessory line of loudspeakers called Zu. The Dirty Weekend is an outdoor speaker designed to be used in situations where the outdoors is commonplace. The speaker comes in two sizes, and both are made from rugged and weather-resistant materials. The smaller version, the Dirty Weekend II, is a 6.5-inch-tall speaker that delivers up to 70 watts of audio power. The larger model, the Dirty Weekend III, is a 10-inch-tall speaker with up to 140 watts of power. Both are USB-powered and come with integrated USB power.
  4. Schiit Freya tube preamplifier – Schiit has a new all-in-one tube preamplifier. It’s a “do it all” all-tube preamplifier that includes a line stage, a headphone amp, and a tube-based DAC. You could easily find used versions of it online, and it makes a perfect gift for your dj friends. If they are just starting out with their musical career, then they would really appreciate this gift for many reasons. The Schiit Freya is a class-A preamp with dual headphone outputs, which means it can drive your favorite headphones with a wide range of sensitivity, such as the headphones of the pro recording studios. The Schiit Freya can handle headphones with a sensitivity as low as 25 Ohm, so those who like to use their music player as a headphone amp will be able to enjoy the cleaner and more detailed sound. If you’re an audiophile, you might have come across the name Schiit Audio. If so, you might have noticed the company has a completely different logo than the one you’re used to seeing. The Schiit brand name was originally thought up by the company’s founder, and it’s the only one you’ll ever see on Schiit products.

Audio gifts can be used to brighten up any day, and understanding the importance of the gift being exactly what the receiver wants can make the difference whether it’s a hit or not. So, knowing how to pick the right gift for your recipient is important. If you’re picking a gift for mother’s day, for example, then you would want a great gift for the selfless mother, which depends on what your mom likes. So if she’s into music, then she would love an audio gift. There are no hard and fast rules to becoming an expert, but learning what your recipient likes will help guide you in the right direction. Once you get a good feel for their interests and style, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift.

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